Muan Group


A consortium of leading companies pioneering AI solutions. Muan offers AI-driven communication for enhanced customer service, Astrix specializes in AI for real estate professionals, KAI Capital maximizes real estate returns, UAX EXP leads in unmanned vehicle innovation for defense, and HeroBot transforms Israeli job market with AI-driven job search assistance.

Our Companies

A consortium of AI pioneers: Muan enhances customer service with AI-driven communication, Astrix optimizes real estate, KAI Capital boosts real estate returns, UAX EXP innovates unmanned defense vehicles, and HeroBot revolutionizes the Israeli job market with AI job search assistance.


At the forefront of AI-driven communication, Muan enhances operational efficiencies and customer service across numerous industries with cutting-edge chat solutions and comprehensive call center services.

KAI Capitals

Based in the scenic Mexican Caribbean, KAI Capital specializes in the lucrative real estate market, focusing on maximizing investor returns and spearheading regional development.

Astrix AI

Astrix delivers advanced AI solutions tailored for real estate professionals, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity through smarter decision-making.


As a leader in unmanned vehicle innovation, UAX EXP collaborates with global defense sectors to deliver ethical, high-impact aviation solutions.


HeroBot revolutionizes the Israeli job market by providing AI-driven, personalized job searching assistance, making the employment process more efficient and accessible.